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Shop Projects

Enhance your workshop with woodworking plans for shop projects, from tool stands to workbenches, shop-made tools, and more.

Carts & Stands

Workbench Sidekick

Think of this cart as the trusty sidekick to your workbench. With a thick top, pull-out tray, and plenty of storage, you’ll find it a welcome addition to your shop.

Workshop & Garage

5 Easy-To-Build Plywood Projects

Five inexpensive plywood projects that add worksurfaces and storage to your shop.

Workshop & Garage

Folding Lumber Racks

All it takes is one sheet of plywood to build these strong and sturdy racks that fold for easy storage.

Workshop & Garage

Garage Storage Cart

This clever, multi-sided cart offers lots of room for storage in a compact footprint.

Carts & Stands

Wall-Mounted Miter Station

A rock-solid platform and a unique flip-up fence system team up with your miter saw for precise cuts.

Carts & Stands

Bench Vise Stand

Designed to tackle the toughest tasks, this strong, stable, and easy-to-build stand is a great home for your bench vise.

Carts & Stands

Versatile Add-On Bench

This pint-size bench is big on options to give you a solid grip on all kinds of workpieces — and raise them to a more comfortable level.

Router Tables

Combination Router Table

A flip-up top adds a new angle to table routing. The result is a unique, two-in-one workstation for the ultimate in shaping and joinery.


Lathe-Driven Belt Sander

Transform your lathe into a handy sanding station with this key add-on.

Drill Press

Drill Press Depth Stop

With a few pieces of simple hardware, you can build this add-on to make drilling holes at a consistent depth faster and easier.

Jigs & Fixtures

Sliding Cutoff Grinder

This unique shop-made project transforms an ordinary angle grinder into a benchtop tool for cutting metal parts accurately and easily.

Workshop & Garage

Roll-Around Finishing Center

This spray booth keeps your shop clean and helps you get the best finish possible.