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Drop-Down Shop Desk

This wall-mounted organizer helps keep your bench clear of clutter and your projects on track.

Shop Projects

Stowaway Assembly Table

Simplify project assemblies with this Stowaway Assembly Table. A large, flat surface at just the right height.

Tool Chests & Totes

Handy Tool Tote

When a project calls you away from the shop, this shop-made tote keeps your essentials close at hand.

Shop-Made Power Tools

Narrow Belt Sander

This custom-built belt sander can refine wood parts just as well as it shapes metal.

Carts & Stands

Workshop Tool Cart

Every shop needs a cart. This version is packed with storage options and doubles as a worksurface.

Workshop & Garage

Large Scale Layout Tools

Make a T-square and compass sized for big layout tasks. Enjoy the accuracy for years to come.


Simple Shop Stool

Ten pieces of wood are all it takes to make this sturdy piece of shop furniture. Then you can take a moment to plan your next move while sitting on this Simple Shop Stool.

Tool Cabinets

Craftsman Tool Display Cabinet

Glass-pane doors protect your prized tools from dust, and the Arts & Crafts details improves your shop’s style in this Craftsman Tool Display Cabinet.


Modern Baker Workbench

This bench incorporates a plywood top with a thick hardwood base. A cabinet provides welcome storage.


Custom Smoothing Plane

There’s nothing like using a tool you built yourself. This smoothing plane features old-world construction.

Tool Chests & Totes

Drill Press Caddy

The trays of this storage caddy swivel out and provide instant access to your drill bits and other accessories.

Jigs & Fixtures

Shop-Made Loose Tenon Jig

Here’s a compact jig that simplifies the process of making mortises with a palm router.