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Tips & Techniques

Technique Collections

Locking Rabbet Joints

Looking for a strong, simple drawer joint? We show you how to make two types of locking rabbet joints.

Technique Collections

Finishing Collection

A collection of tips and techniques to bring your finishing to the next level.

Woodworking Tips

Woodsmith Shop Season 12 - Tips

Get all 30 woodworking tips featured in Season 12 of the Woodsmith Shop.

Woodworking Tips

Woodsmith Shop Season 11 - Tips

Get all 22 woodworking tips featured in Season 11 of the Woodsmith Shop.

Woodworking Tips

Woodsmith Shop Season 10 - Tips

Get all 15 woodworking tips featured in Season 10 of the Woodsmith Shop.

Jigs & Fixtures

Box Joints

Box joints have it all — they’re strong, quick, and good-looking. And all you need is a dado blade and a “ten-minute” jig.

DIY & Improvement

Window Makeover

With off-the-rack moldings and simple shop-made trim pieces, you can go from ho-hum to high-style windows in a weekend.

Technique Collections

Dovetail Keys

Small wood "keys" create the traditional look of a dovetail joint -- without all the work. Plus, they add strength to the mitered corners of a box.

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Technique Collections

Mortise & Tenon

There are several good ways to make a mortise and tenon joint. The trick is determining which one is best for the task at hand.

Jigs & Fixtures

Routing Small Parts

A few router table accessories make it easy to get safe, accurate cuts

Woodworking Tips

Sharpening Basics

Razor sharp tools improve the experience, result, and safety of woodworking projects. Learn the proper sharpening techniques for your chisels, plane irons, and saws - take care of your tools. Download now!

Woodworking Tips

Hammer Veneering

This veneering technique is historic, unique, interesting, and still appropriate to be used in today's world. Learn all about hammer veneering from Don Williams and get inspired to try it yourself.