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Shop-Made Hand Tools

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Infill Smoothing Plane

Show off your craftsmanship and attention to detail with this great-looking heirloom tool.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Classic Try Squares

All it takes to make a set of precision layout tools is a relaxing afternoon in the shop.

Jigs & Fixtures

Micro-Adjustable Shooting Board

Fine-tuning the joinery on your projects is a cinch with this must-have, precision bench accessory.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Infill Block Planes

The precise adjuster for the iron and the solid heft make these planes a delight to build and use.

Jigs & Fixtures

Multipurpose Layout Tool

With just a few hours in the shop, you can transform a piece of T-track into one of your go-to tools.

Clamps & Vises

5 Shop-Made Clamps

Save money and solve unique clamping challenges by building your own clamps.

Workshop & Garage

Rotating Tool Caddy

Keep your benchtop organized and your tools close by with this handy shop accessory.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Shop-Made Marking Knives

Create quality layout tools using straightforward steps and shop-tested metalworking techniques.

Video Plan
Video Plans

Shop Marking Knife

Get a better grip on your layouts with this shop-made handle for your marking knife.

Jigs & Fixtures

Pull Saw Miter Box

Cut small parts safely and accurately at any angle with just a few strokes of your pull saw.

Popular Woodworking

English Layout Square

Wooden layout tools can be superior to metal ones. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and as accurate as woodworking requires.

Popular Woodworking

Andre Roubo's Try Square

PDF Download: Full PDF plans and templates for Andre Roubo's try square.