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Miter Saw

Carts & Stands

Dual Tool Workstation

This tool station pulls double duty by serving as a planer stand as well as a miter saw station - complete with extension wings and fences.

Jigs & Fixtures

Benchtop Miter Saw Fence

This no-fuss fence system makes getting accurate cuts with your miter saw as easy as 1-2-3.

Carts & Stands

Mobile Miter Saw Station

With this portable saw station, your miter saw works even harder. It combines extension wings for long stock with a stop system for accurate repeat cuts.

Carts & Stands

Miter Saw Station

Fold-out tables, a stop block, and a mobile base extend the usefulness of your miter saw. There’s also a convenient storage space for cutoffs.

Carts & Stands

Wall-Mounted Miter Station

A rock-solid platform and a unique flip-up fence system team up with your miter saw for precise cuts.

Video Plan
Carts & Stands

Portable Miter Saw Station

Portable, sturdy, adjustable, and accurate. This miter saw station has it all.

Carts & Stands

Space-Saving Miter Saw Station

This lightweight, easy-to-build stand is at home in your shop or out at the worksite.

Workshop & Garage

Miter Saw Workcenter

With plenty of storage and a fence that extends to 8', this saw station has it all.

Jigs & Fixtures

Bench Rail

Turn any workbench into a multipurpose workstation with this versatile rail system.

Workshop & Garage

Folding Miter Saw Station

Give your miter saw the home it deserves on this versatile workstation. The folding wings make it easy to store when not in use.

Jigs & Fixtures

Pull Saw Miter Box

Cut small parts safely and accurately at any angle with just a few strokes of your pull saw.

Popular Woodworking

A Better Miter Saw Stand

This miter saw workstation is compact and inexpensive to build.