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Shop-Made Hand Tools

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Edge Clamps

These shop-made edge clamps are bound to come in handy when gluing hardwood edging on plywood.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Router Plane

Despite its look, this is no Mickey-Mouse project. This shopbuilt router plane is sure to become a favorite tool in your shop, and one that will get used often.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Setup Gauge

Combine a 6" ruler with a few pieces of wood and brass to create a sweet tool to simplify tool adjustments.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Dovetailed Shoulder Plane

Make an heirloom tool and learn the secret to creating double dovetails in metal — it’s easier than you think.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Aluminum Squares

Build your own precision layout tool. All it takes are a few pieces of aluminum and a little time at the table saw and drill press.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Sliding Bevel Gauge

Brass blades paired with wood bodies make these bevel gauges as attractive as they are useful.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Hand Plane

A simple design and a unique method of securing the blade makes building this plane an easy alternative to a traditional wood plane.

Jigs & Fixtures

All-Purpose Layout Tool

Build this handy tool in an afternoon and you’ll use it for a wide range of tasks around the shop.

Gifts & Accessories

2-in-1 Desk Set

Combining brass and an eye-catching exotic hardwood, this handy desk set gives you the opportunity to develop some new skills.

Jigs & Fixtures

Sanding Block

Some scrap wood and a few simple steps are all it takes to build this basic, must-have shop tool.


Shop-Built Mallets

These mallets are designed to last a lifetime. But the best part is, you can build them in a weekend.


Custom Chisel Case

Keep your chisels and other tools close at hand and protected with this classic wall case.