The I Can Do That Workbench Plans

Download the full project plan for this easy-to-build workbench from Popular Woodworking's "I Can Do That."

The I Can Do That workbench is built simply, sturdily and affordably using plywood and home center materials. The bench incorporates two torsion boxes (the top and the base beam) that are designed to resist torsion during use and are strong and stable while still being lightweight. The legs are constructed from simple 2x6 material and bolted together using a unique oak dowel joint to add cross-grain strength. The bench also boasts a replaceable hardboard top surface and an affordable quick-action face vice. The bench’s design also allows for storage on both sides of the beam, and for good measure we’ve added casters a multi plug to the underside of the top that includes a USB charger for phones, tablets and computers.



What You Get:

  • Step-by-step photos
  • Advice on building
  • Helpful illustrations
printable (digital) pages of instructions

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