3-in-1 Cut-Off Sled

Reversible fences make this cut-off sled the perfect choice for accurate crosscuts and miters. For even more versatility, you can build the add-on tenoning jig.

Want to make your table saw more versatile and more accurate at the same time? Well, take a look at this 3-in-1 table saw cut-off sled. Whether you’re cutting small workpieces to final length, or squaring up the ends of a large panel, you can be sure they’re perfectly square. The construction of the jig and sliding fences ensure the accuracy is built-in. Square crosscuts aren’t the only thing you can do accurately with this sled. Simply reverse the fences like you see in the inset photo and you can cut tight-fitting 45° miters for just about any project. If perfect crosscuts and miters haven’t sold you on this sled, then check out the opposite page for a third way to use this cut-off sled — an add-on tenoning jig. The jig holds a workpiece securely in place while you cut the cheeks of a tenon perfectly smooth.



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