Router Cabinet

Not only does this project organize your router gear, it also provides a drop-down workspace. Plus, the construction keeps it approachable enough to build in a weekend.

It all starts with a one purchase — a router. Then come the bits. Very quickly, you can see the trouble. Where do you keep them all? Don’t forget the other gear: spare collets, wrenches, guide bushings ... the list goes on. What you need is a place to keep it all. This cabinet is the answer. It offers several storage solutions that are meant to be customized. The upper compartment works for routers and other bulky gear. The main cavity is for the bits. Two options are shown in the photos. There are also a couple drawers in here, too. The construction is all plywood, and the joinery consists of dadoes, rabbets, and grooves. So this one will go together easy. This cabinet has one other feature that puts it over the top: the front drops down to create a temporary worksurface. It’s the ideal place to make bit changes, stage bits for upcoming steps, or do a little router bit maintenance.



What You Get:

  • 8 pages of step-by-step instructions
  • 30 full-color photos, illust rations, and exploded views
  • Materials List & Project Supplies Sources

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