Expandable Assembly Cart

No matter what size project you're building, this assembly table makes it easy to put it together. Raise or lower the table to hold projects at a comfortable working height. And flip up two wings to expand the work surface.

When it comes to assembling a project, it’s hard to find just the right place. The top of my bench can be too high up off the floor (or too small) to handle some projects. And assembling a project on the floor is hard on my knees and back. That’s why I built this assembly table. To hold a project at a comfortable working height, I just raise or lower the table. And for big projects, I can make the work surface larger. To adjust the height of the assembly table, each leg has a post that slides inside a sleeve. A series of holes in each post lets you raise the table up to 30", or lower it down to 21" off the floor. The nice thing about adjusting the height of the table is you don’t need a helper to do it. That’s because each end can be raised (or lowered) separately. And making the work surface bigger when assembling large projects is just as easy. That’s because there’s an extension wing that flips up on each side of the table. To hold the wings and the weight of the project, a sturdy support pulls out from underneath the table. Another thing I like about this project is its storage shelf. It’s a perfect place for glue, clamps, and parts that are going to be assembled.



What You Get:

  • 7 pages of step-by-step instructions
  • 36 full-color photos and illustrations and explosed views
  • Materials list and cutting diagram

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