2-in-1 Desk Set

Combining brass and an eye-catching exotic hardwood, this handy desk set gives you the opportunity to develop some new skills.

This desk set is really two projects in one. At first glance, it looks like a simple stamp dispenser. But when you take a closer look, you’ll also find a brass-and-wood letter opener with a replaceable blade. And, there’s plenty to challenge your woodworking and metalworking skills. But don’t worry — you’ll be using full-size patterns to simplify the complex parts. And this is also the perfect project for that extra-special piece of wood you’ve squirreled away.



What You Get:

  • 8 printable (digital) pages of step-by-step instructions
  • Over 40 full-color photos and illustrations
  • Tips and techniques for working with brass
  • Full-Size patterns

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