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Shop Projects

Enhance your workshop with woodworking plans for shop projects, from tool stands to workbenches, shop-made tools, and more.

Carts & Stands

Workbench Sidekick

Think of this cart as the trusty sidekick to your workbench. With a thick top, pull-out tray, and plenty of storage, you’ll find it a welcome addition to your shop.

Jigs & Fixtures

Dust-Free Blade Cover

Stop table saw dust in its tracks. All it takes is a weekend, some hardware, and an ordinary shop vacuum crevice tool.

Workshop & Garage

Shop-Built Cleanup Center

Keep your cleaning supplies close at hand with this heavy-duty storage center.

Workshop & Garage

Workbench Cabinet

This space-saving cabinet adds storage to your workbench, plus its weight adds a little extra strength and stability.

Drill Press Tables

Woodworking Drill Press Table

An adjustable fence, versatile clamping options, and a built-in dust collection system make this table a great upgrade.

Workshop & Garage

Roll-Around Work Cart

This handy cart is loaded with storage options and provides a rock-solid worksurface no matter what the task.

Jigs & Fixtures

Table Saw Miter Sled

Miter joints don't have to be a trial-and-error chore. With this miter sled, you can cut perfect joints every time.

Gifts & Accessories

Shop-Made Threading Jig & Canisters

In the pursuit of making a set of perfectly matched internal and external wood threads, this efficient and flexible jig delivers the goods.

Workshop & Garage

Top-Notch Tool Cabinet

You’ll find a home for almost every tool in your shop with this classic cabinet.

Workshop & Garage

Stacking Cutoff Bins

This project blends plenty of storage and organization in a three-piece, stackable unit.

Jigs & Fixtures

Sliding Hold-Down

Cutting narrow or thin stock can be a challenge.This clever jig makes it easier and safer.


Swivel Shop Stool

Sure-footed and easy to adjust, this shop stool lifts comfort to new heights.