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Shop Projects

Enhance your workshop with woodworking plans for shop projects, from tool stands to workbenches, shop-made tools, and more.

Carts & Stands

Workbench Sidekick

Think of this cart as the trusty sidekick to your workbench. With a thick top, pull-out tray, and plenty of storage, you’ll find it a welcome addition to your shop.

Carts & Stands

Fold-Down Workstation

This workstation has it all — a space-saving, fold-down workbench, easy-access tool rack, and a wall-mounted cabinet.

Workshop & Garage

Garage Organizers

These space-efficient garage organizers make your stored items easily accessible while still leaving plenty of room to park your car.

Router Tables

3-in-1 Multi Tool

Router table, mortiser, edge jointer — this compact, easy-to-build project does it all.

Workshop & Garage

High-Tech Tool Chest

This heavy-duty tool chest has lots of handy storage and great organization with an easy-to-build lightweight design.

Workshop & Garage

Hobby Bench

A large worksurface, plenty of storage options, and traditional looks make this bench the ideal setup for a workshop or hobby room.

Jigs & Fixtures

Waterstone Sharpening Tray

A handy sharpening station makes it convenient to use your waterstones. The result is sharp tools every time.

Jigs & Fixtures

Router Mortising Machine

You can be creating precision mortises in no time using your router’s motor and this handy shop-built machine.

Technique Collections

Tongue & Dado Joinery

This versatile joint makes it easy to create strong and sturdy cases and drawers.

Workshop & Garage

Cordless Tool Station

This compact station keeps cordless tools, chargers, and accessories within arm’s reach.

Technique Collections

Stub Tenon & Groove Joinery

For frame and panel construction, stub tenon and groove joinery is hard to top. It's quick, strong, and very "table saw friendly."

Clamps & Vises

Swivel Vise

Position a workpiece exactly where you need it with this versatile vise. The quick-change design allows for mounting multiple accessories.