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Whimsical Wall Clock

The exposed gears you’ll make for this mechanical clock are so fun to watch, you’ll forget to check the time.

Shop Projects

Mobile Air Filter

Time to send the box fan and furnace filter combo out to pasture. This shop-made version clears dust from the air better and is whisper-quiet too.

Gifts & Accessories

Pizza Peel & Rocker Knife

Step up pizza night with a custom set of kitchen tools you make yourself. With matching walnut and cherry details, this set looks great too.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Layout Square

This "ultimate" layout square is the prefect tool modification for large projects.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Panel Gauge

Learn how to work with brass and make an indispensable tool for hand work.


Arch-Top Bookends

These simple bookends allow you to try out some of the same techniques used on larger furniture like an arch-top headboard. And with some scrap hardwood and MDF you can build them in a weekend.

Gifts & Accessories

Watering Vessel

The swan-inspired look of this beautiful project makes it just as much a work of art as it is practical.


Pullman Desk

A flip-down, pull-out shelf turns this sleek dresser into a handsome desk that has the size and style to be able to grace any room in your house or apartment.

End Tables

Stacked-Lamination End Table

Here’s a refreshing break from a traditional project. This end table has you sculpting wood in a way that’s more like pottery than woodworking.

Beds, Dressers & Chests

Dashing Dresser

With Baltic birch, cherry, and an accent of blue, this dresser offers a handsome collection of colors that bring energy and life to a room.

Beds, Dressers & Chests

Hadley Chest

This chest has a delicate charm and solid construction that’s peppered with creative accents. All this is sure to get your shop skills fi ring on all cylinders.

Office Furniture

Modular Wall Unit

This versatile wall unit has great midcentury vibes, and features shelves, cabinets and a desk that can conform to fit any space. Customize it to be exactly what you need.