Stowaway Assembly Table

Simplify project assemblies with this Stowaway Assembly Table. A large, flat surface at just the right height.

For most of us, shop space is at a premium. But that doesn’t mean that some luxury fixtures in the shop are out of reach. Take an assembly table for example. Having a large, flat surface where you have the room to lay out clamps, apply glue, and assemble parts is a great way to ensure a glueup goes smoothly. With this stowable assembly table, you’ll finally be done with the challenge of a glueup on your workbench.

The features on this assembly table are many. First, the top is large — a full-sized sheet of Baltic birch plywood makes up the worksurface. That means no more juggling a project where the legs just barely fit on your workbench as you’re putting it together. Speaking of the top, the torsion-style construction keeps the top flat during storage and use, and gives you options for clamping around the perimeter.

The four base assemblies create a rock-solid foundation for even the heaviest projects. The base assemblies are fastened with binding screws, allowing them to be taken apart, folded up, and stashed out of the way. However, after using this assembly table and having a new, flat surface to work on, I’m not so sure that you won’t leave it set up as a permanent fixture in your shop.



What You Get:

  • 7 pages of step-by-step instructions
  • 20 full-color photos, illustrations, and exploded views
  • Materials List & Project Supplies Sources

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