Curved-Front Wall Cabinet

If making curved doors has you over a barrel, try taking a look at the coopered door technique we used to build this unique wall cabinet.

From a construction standpoint, the gently-curved doors on this cabinet may seem a little intimidating at first glance. But don't be fooled. Yes — making curved doors does require a little extra work compared to flat doors. But as you'll discover, it's not nearly as complicated as it looks. And if you look past the doors for a minute, the rest of the case is pretty much like any other cabinet.



What You Get:

  • Unlimited access to this Video Plan — a full episode of the Woodsmith Shop TV Show!
  • 13 printable (digital) pages of step-by-step instructions
  • 70 full-color photos, illustrations and exoloded views
  • Detailed instructions on building the coopered doors
  • Cutting diagram. Materials list. Project sources

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