Industrial Bookcase

This bookcase, built in the industrial modern style, works well in any room with its minimalist, open aesthetic.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The industrial modern style rose to popularity within the last fifteen years, as populations grew where no new housing could be built. In response, old and abandoned buildings were renovated into living spaces. These commercial and industrial buildings often featured exposed structural elements (brickwork, beams, ducts, piping) that weren’t considered conventionally attractive in a home. The time and effort that would be needed to hide these elements was considerable in a lot of cases, leading many people to choose to live with them instead. The old raw and rough elements were left there, while sleek, chic designs were introduced to juxtapose them. This look became the industrial modern style, and what is often hidden in other styles is a key part of this look. In attempting to capture the style, our creative director, Chris Fitch, created this industrial bookcase. The steel rods and wood wheels evoke the repurposed aesthetic, yet the bookcase itself strives towards clean minimalism. The body of the bookcase was painted with an “aged galvanized” image in mind, while the wheels and shelves are oiled and lacquered for a smooth contrast. The rails, slats, and posts of the bookcase are all held together by mortise and tenon joints, making this piece surprisingly sturdy. The bookcase offers an informal feel that’s sure to find a home in any room in the house.



What You Get:

  • 9 pages of step-by-step instructions
  • 30 full-color photos, illustrations, and exploded views
  • Materials List & Project Supplies Sources

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