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Computer Desk

This desk features a huge worksurface and lots of storage. One of the handiest features is a removable panel for computer ventilation and wire access.

The heart of any home office is the computer desk. But what sets this desk apart from all others is that it’s designed to look great anywhere in the room — whether up against the wall or out in the middle of the floor. That’s the product of a unique wire management system built into the desk. On our desk, a riser and shelf conceal all the wires, which feed into a long slot in the desktop and into a wire management tray. From there, the wires are directed through an opening in the tower pedestal. A removable panel in this pedestal allows easy access to wires, and also provides good ventilation for the computer.




What You Get:

  • 24 printable (digital) pages of step-by-step instructions including
  • More than 90 full-color photos, illustrations and exploded views
  • 4-printable (digital) pages of tips for the perfect finish
  • Plans for a jig for your router to cut the mortises
  • Cutting diagram and materials list
  • Retail sources for project supplies

Product Recommendations

Titebond Molding Glue

Bessey Bar Clamps

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