Coaster Set

A simple router jig is the secret to making the lattice-like patterns in these coasters. And once you have everything set up, the process is almost automatic.

As woodworking projects go, a set of coasters may sound like something you’d expect to find in a first-year high school shop class. But this set of coasters is proof that even the most basic projects can be turned into something interesting. There’s a lot more to these coasters than simply cutting out some round discs from a thin board. The center of each coaster has a series of curved grooves routed on each face. The grooves are offset just enough to create a lattice pattern. (They remind me of waffle fries.) And no set of coasters would be complete without a custom caddy to hold them when not in use. Although the caddy we’ve come up with is simple and understated in design, creating the curved side walls requires a bit of careful sawing at the band saw. All in all, this small project doesn’t require a lot in the way of time or materials to build, making it an ideal gift project. But as a woodworker, I think you’ll find it offers enough building challenges to pique your interest.



What You Get:

  • 6 pages of step-by-step instructions
  • More than 20 full-color photos and illustrations and exploded views
  • Materials list & Project Sources

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