Bench Vise Stand

Designed to tackle the toughest tasks, this strong, stable, and easy-to-build stand is a great home for your bench vise.

Your bench vise needs a solid base that can stand up to sawing, pounding, and torquing on the vise handle. The stand you see here can handle it. For starters, the stand is made by gluing up multiple layers of MDF to create a lot of mass. It’s designed to rest solidly on the floor and anchor to the wall. These features make the stand able to absorb vibration and redirect all the force of pounding and sawing to the floor and wall. Extra storage the stand provides is a welcome bonus. The open shelves hold a lot of tools and supplies. And the custom racks on the sides keep your tools close at hand. After a weekend’s worth of work, you’ll finally have a permanent home for that shop workhorse.



What You Get:

  • 5 printable (digital) pages of step-by-step instructions
  • 20 full-color photos and illustrations
  • Shop-tested guarantee from the editors of Woodsmith and ShopNotes magazine

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