Furniture Projects

Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture

Custom Cabinets

Transform the look of your home with a stately built-in cabinet system that packs plenty of storage and display.


Drop-Down Shop Desk

This wall-mounted organizer helps keep your bench clear of clutter and your projects on track.

Tables, Chairs & Benches

Newport Tea Table

This small table combines a host of traditional details into a handsome package. You’ll find quite a few woodworking skills inside as well.

Tables, Chairs & Benches

Valet Chair

More than just a place to sit, this attractive chair pulls double duty as an all-in-one launching pad for your day.

Cabinets & Bookcases

Bahut Cabinet

Top to bottom, front to back, and side to side, this Bahut Cabinet is a beauty. It’s a workout in the shop — but the results will provide a lifetime of joy.


Rustic Hutch

Take a trip back in time to work on this classic Rustic Hutch, using simple skills to make a fantastic project.


Intarsia Spice Cabinet

This handsome addition to your kitchen will win praise for looks and efficiency, as well as keep a good supply of your favorite spices close at hand.


Bathroom Vanity

This vanity combines Mission sensibility with a cheerful, modern style to brighten up any bathroom and expand an otherwise small space.


Pullman Desk

A flip-down, pull-out shelf turns this sleek dresser into a handsome desk that has the size and style to be able to grace any room in your house or apartment.

End Tables

Stacked-Lamination End Table

Here’s a refreshing break from a traditional project. This end table has you sculpting wood in a way that’s more like pottery than woodworking.

Beds, Dressers & Chests

Dashing Dresser

With Baltic birch, cherry, and an accent of blue, this dresser offers a handsome collection of colors that bring energy and life to a room.

Beds, Dressers & Chests

Hadley Chest

This chest has a delicate charm and solid construction that’s peppered with creative accents. All this is sure to get your shop skills fi ring on all cylinders.