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Tables, Chairs & Benches

Newport Tea Table

This small table combines a host of traditional details into a handsome package. You’ll find quite a few woodworking skills inside as well.

Tables, Chairs & Benches

Valet Chair

More than just a place to sit, this attractive chair pulls double duty as an all-in-one launching pad for your day.

Cabinets & Bookcases

Bahut Cabinet

Top to bottom, front to back, and side to side, this Bahut Cabinet is a beauty. It’s a workout in the shop — but the results will provide a lifetime of joy.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Coping Saw

In this project, you'll find out how hardwood and aluminum combine to make a lightweight saw that’s tough enough for all kinds of tasks.


Rustic Hutch

Take a trip back in time to work on this classic Rustic Hutch, using simple skills to make a fantastic project.


Intarsia Spice Cabinet

This handsome addition to your kitchen will win praise for looks and efficiency, as well as keep a good supply of your favorite spices close at hand.

Outdoor & Patio Projects

Bee & Butterfly House

This easy-to-build project will invite bees, butterflies, and other beneficial bugs to your garden with this attractive habitat.


Bathroom Vanity

This vanity combines Mission sensibility with a cheerful, modern style to brighten up any bathroom and expand an otherwise small space.


Whimsical Wall Clock

The exposed gears you’ll make for this mechanical clock are so fun to watch, you’ll forget to check the time.

Shop Projects

Mobile Air Filter

Time to send the box fan and furnace filter combo out to pasture. This shop-made version clears dust from the air better and is whisper-quiet too.

Gifts & Accessories

Pizza Peel & Rocker Knife

Step up pizza night with a custom set of kitchen tools you make yourself. With matching walnut and cherry details, this set looks great too.

Shop-Made Hand Tools

Layout Square

This "ultimate" layout square is the prefect tool modification for large projects.