Sturdy Kitchen Cart

Don’t let its size fool you, there’s a lot of style and functionality packed into this cart. It’ll be a sturdy and handsome ally in any kitchen.

In a small kitchen, this cart could easily act as an island. In a larger environment, it can be just as happy to serve as a faithful sidekick to a permanent island. It’s a butcher block, a veggie prep table, and a storage unit all combined. Plus, it’s on wheels. Wheels that you’ll make, as well. In fact, most of this cart is shop-made. (Hinges, bushings and a handful of screws are all that’s on the hardware list.) A light hardware bill is always a good thing. But wait, there’s more. It’s good looking from all sides. This is due to the designer’s efforts and intention of keeping the cart as versatile as possible. I think he deserves high marks for the results. The mitered edges on the oak case and flush rabbeted back of the same material provide visual love from all angles. The maple top and wheels provide a nice contrast. The V-grooves in the doors give a little energy to the look of the cart. Having finger holes instead of knobs or pulls in the doors to access the inside was more than a cosmetic decision. It means that you can move the cart around without fears of snagging or scratching anything it might brush by. This project is fun from start to finish.



What You Get:

  • 8 pages of step-by-step instructions
  • 35 full-color photos, illustrations, and exploded views
  • Materials List & Project Supplies Sources

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