Paneled Window Seat

Just start with a simple plywood box and go from there. You won't believe the end result... Some basic materials and simple joinery add up to a great-looking window bench.

You’ll probably have only one problem when you build the window seat pictured above — convincing your friends that it only took a couple of days to build. It looks much too nice to be so easy. You start by building a simple plywood box. A sheet of plywood and a little bit of basic joinery is all it takes. Next, you cover this “shell” with solid-wood framing and add some traditional molding. Glue, brads, and a handful of screws hold it all together. In no time, the basic plywood box is transformed into a classic. One of the shortcuts that makes this possible is using pre-made moldings purchased at a home improvement store. This saves a lot of work with no sacrifice in quality.



What You Get:

  • 7 pages of step-by-step instructions
  • 30 full-color photos and illustrations
  • A design option for the base and top that offer a more casual look

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