Casework Construction: Doors & Drawers

Our Woodworking Essentials series continues as we show you how to select the right door and drawer for your project.

This article will help you decide on the best style of door or drawer for your project. David Thiel will show you when to use slab, raised panel or glass panel doors. You’ll look at different joinery for making doors, like dovetails, mortise-and-tenon joints, bridle joints, half laps and dowels. You’ll also get tips for cutting dovetail drawers by hand and look at rabbeted drawers.



What You Get:

  • Step-by-step photos
  • Advice on building
  • Helpful illustrations
printable (digital) pages of instructions

Product Recommendations

Gel Polyurethane

Titebond Hide Glue

Kreg Mini Trak

Titebond Molding Glue